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The biggest challenge of all is solving our inefficient, inequal, unjust, undemocratic society that makes people slave and damages earth. Hopism iimproves things for people and the planet - probably!

Hopism is political theory written by an ordinary person with ordinary aspirations for life. Hopism recognises and accepts human nature’s weaknesses and strengths and tries to build a realistic framework to create a society of low tax, high social service and low waste.

This is Hopism-Beta-Edition, republished again after a four year break due to background issues. It is still edition 1 and could do with some editing, better english, slicker graphics, some videos and many more diagrams. That will get done sometime during rainy dark November 2014, together with a discussion forum, where this rough idea can be beaten into shape and better written by contributors.

The end result is more useful work done, a happier society and more free time to enjoy your life - whilst knowing that social obligations are met.


Hopism is short and sweet

Hopism is under development, there will be bits you like and bits you dont, maybe there could be different splinter variants. The theory itself is simple and should take less than an afternoon to understand. There are around twenty texts on the webring, each less than a thousand words.

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In 2009 the UK government (like many governments worldwide) was blackmailed into bankrolling UK banks with more than one trillion Euros £900,000,000,000 to prevent financial meltdown. What happened?

If you thought loanism was bad, nonetarism, the mutated and derivative form of loanism, is heinous.

When loanism empowers the loanist banks and their puppets or ”frontmen” to buy up businesses and assets they then get even greedier while credit lines dwindle. The more they loan, the more they own and the more there is for everybody to pay back. As long as the loanist victims or puppets payback the money, nobody will ever know if the money they loaned out existed or not. And so loanism quickly mutates into nonetarism. Banks invent wierder and wierder chains of money (with nothing at the end of them) to disguise where the money on their balance sheet originates. In the end the money does not exist and noney circulates in the economy, loaned out masquerading as money. The perfect counterfeiting scam. Quickly the noney becomes swapped or indistinguishable from money and the banks reign all powerful. Your savings and labour devalues as money supply increases and a parallel parasitic loanist economy latches onto it´s host, capitalism, where capitalism is based on real things, capital goods like eggs, bricks and steel tube.

Capitalism has been keel hauled in the last couple of years as failing, but it is the parasitic systems of loanism and nonetarism that are its undoing. If capitalism can be spared these parasites by holding true value against real CAPITAL, shackled and matched with moderate taxation to provide social welfare, capitalism can become truly philanthropic. This creates capcialism, the combination of capitalism and socialism.

xA high profile current example of nonetarism is the British institution of Manchester United, ”bought” by the nonetarist puppets the Glazers using noney loaned from the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). The RBS was actually at this time insolvent and did not possess the £300m it loaned the Glazers via various economic frothing funds. It lied.

Normally the RBS would get away with this lie as the loan would be gradually paid back so that the noney they handed out would be turned in to money, i.e. laundered. In fact the RBS was caught last year, along with several other banks, by a sudden recession, which required the UK treasury to print and loan 900 billion pounds of tax paying money to make up for the noney that never existed that had been loaned out – hoping to be later swapped for money.

The RBS is now 75% public owned after this public collapse, where it was caught red handed at cheating the entire system whilst printing noney. As it was deemed to big to fail, it was rescued, so once again Joe Bloggs has to foot the bill of the swindling RBS and their counterfeit noney approving shareholders.

The Glazers still ”own” Manchester United, and have also switched their debts used to buy the company, onto the football club company itself. So money that never existed in the form of nonetarist loans, has been dumped onto a previously valuable company built up over a hundred years with hard earned real money. Stands that were built organically year by year from fans tickets surpluses to create the magnificent ”Theatre of Dreams” have been stolen by RBS counterfeiting nonetarism, loaning the Glazers nonetarists noney.

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